Rin (leyluna) wrote,


~All Pkmncollectors rules apply, pkmncollectors only

~I was granted sales permission back in 2012 by Rachelled
~Paypal only please to xleylunax@gmail.com
~Comes from dog friendly home, but she's tiny and all my plush are wrapped up or on a high shelf
~smoke free home
~I'm not responsible for any missing packages, will provide evidence of receipt and try to compensate you in some wayIF POSSIBLE
~Will hold on case by case basis
~Priority goes to whoever comits first

~I ship from the US worldwide
~I am very busy as a college student and also working, I will try my best to be prompt with postal visits

~My feedback is here:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/leyluna/
~Haggling accepted
~Backing out of a sale will result in negative feedback =(

(sales banner art not mine, found on google. Please let me know if you are or know the artist and have an issue with my use of it, thank you)

Prices are compared with Ebay and other sales posts, some may not be up to date. Feel free to inform me on value/haggle

US Mega Absol PC plush MWT: $20

I <3 Marine Marill: $18

DX Banpresto UFO catcher Celebi MWT: $15

2006 JP Lucario Plush, TTO, minor wear on legs, but paws face and dangly ear
thingies (:p) are in perfect condition: Asking $25 OBO, can provide more pics if wanted.

(stock photo. Can provide actual pics if anyone is interested)
20th anniversary Celebi x2: Selling one, 20th Manaphy: $13 each

Keldeo pokedoll US MWT: $13
Victini pokedoll US 2011 release MWT

(stock photo. I can provide actual pictures if anyone is interested)
Cyndaquil Tomy "Trainer's Choice" exclusive: $50 can come with box as well, but would cost more to ship

Reshiram Banpresto (possible bootleg) no tags: $3

Jakks Victini Plush MWT: $20
Jakks Pidove, no tags: $5

Tomy Eevee MWT: $10
US Dedenne Pokecen Plush MWT: $10

Jakks Deerling: $10

Toy Factory Buneary, no tag, BOOTIE vaporeon, tags: $3 each

Mcdonalds Toys free with purchase or:
JP Scraggy Racer: $2
US Pikachu x2 (w/ pansage card, one with klang): $1
US Dewott w/ dwebble card: $1

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